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Back of House Complications
Thursday 12th April 2018

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are typically associated with "Back of House" meaning the location is often in a far corner of a room or in a different location altogether. Therefore, the need to monitor the environment of the UPS together with its on-board power metrics is as important as the data centre itself.

The Three Wise Men of Data Centre Monitoring.
Tuesday 10th April 2018

Three wise men are predominantly celebrated once a year but monitoring the environment of your data centre should be 24/7.

The Christmas Conundrum for IT departments
Tuesday 12th December 2017

Over the Christmas period IT server rooms could be left in a 'lights out' state for over 10 days.

Playing Jenga in the Server Room
Wednesday 11th October 2017

Main reasons for Business Continuity Invocation 2017 - Power and Environment Issues