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DCIM Server Room and Data Centre Monitoring
Central monitoring

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) can be used for many purposes. The topic of DCIM touches many departments and often spans data centre availability and IT reliability requirements. It can identify and eliminate sources of risk to increase availability of critical IT systems as well as identifying interdependencies between the facilities and IT infrastructure teams.

Both departments share similar concerns of monitoring the physical equipment and the general environment. However, typically the IT department rely on network attached equipment which presents some level of inherent monitoring, whereas the facilities department usually need to manage key apparatus that is not network attached such as Building Management Systems (BMS), generators, cooling (air conditioning units and water cooling systems), fire protection (VESDA and HSSD), gas suppressant and water detection etc. For these types of equipment there are usually Voltage Free Connections (VFCs) that can monitor key operating conditions when in a 'Normally Open' (NO) or 'Normally Closed' (NC) state.

Normally Open/Normally Closed

OmniWatch is designed to connect to and interpret the monitoring requirements of both network attached equipment and VFCs and present these in a simple, easy to use central dashboard. This means a seamless DCIM solution is available across multiple protocols and platforms.

OmniWatch On-Demand reports

A good example of the benefit of monitoring DCIM with OmniWatch is our easy to use alerting and on-demand report function. One of our clients had a stand-by generator located quite a long way from the main premises. Although the generator was the responsibility of the facilities team, it was actually installed to present power to the IT department if there was a power outage. The generator was securely protected with a metal intruder fence but there were occasions whereby vandals would start-up the generator and run down the fuel reservoir without the customer knowing. Therefore, when the generator was needed in anger to provide emergency electricity it had little or no fuel to do the job as anticipated. By monitoring the generator relay panel they were able to be alerted when the generator was invoked and when there was low fuel. By using OmniWatch's on-demand report function they are able to guarantee and maintain generation of electricity for longer periods of time and to test the fail-over function regularly to ensure maximising the uptime of their business.

As illustrated above, there are key benefits to monitoring the various equipment types across an enterprises estate with OmniWatch bringing disparate systems together in a seamless, joined-up monitoring solution. Typical conditions monitored are:

Mains Power
AC Faults
UPS Faults
Fire Detection
Fire Suppressant
Door Open/Closed
The monitoring Conundrum

Whilst researching your options you may realise there is much more to this than meets the eye. Key questions start to materialise like what type of monitoring hardware is the most appropriate? How do you interface non-network attached equipment into a monitoring solution? How do you configure the different devices and how do know you're protected once you've installed them? What happens if devices and any associated sensors become disconnected or fail?

A key point to consider is that although the various equipment types may be monitored how do you configure them to contact you for any problems? We all know what it's like when email is down or when your mobile is out of battery or signal. We guarantee to contact you with our 3-tier emergency contact procedure; email, 2-way SMS and dedicated 24/7 call centre for all critical alarms.

It's our job to let you know of a problem before it escalates to a disaster. That's why our customers rest assured knowing we've got them covered 24/7.

"We initially installed Spook in our main data centre in Guildford. Shortly afterwards we rolled out a programme to install Spook to monitor many different different types of key equipment across the UK. We have found Spook to be cost effective, pro-active and flexible. OmniWatch is now our preferred Monitoring Solution for all our locations Nationwide."

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