Fully Managed
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Co-Managed Solution

upgrade your exisiting monitoring hardware for an outstanding end user experience

Many businesses have struggled once purchasing and installing monitoring hardware devices. There is much more to consider than simply popping a device onto the network and hoping it will keep your IT environment protected.

Co-managed means we work with you to understand your monitoring requirements and review the existing monitoring hardware you have already invested in. We also consider additional monitoring that may be available to you across your enterprise.

We install OmniWatch and implement the software to harvest the sensor data, together with publishing your floorplans and set-up your initial emergency contact procedures. Finally, we allocate you and your staff online user accounts to securely access the real-time web interface. Our customers benefit from our commitment to continually develop our software to ensure it is functionally rich in-line with new trends and modern technology.

Our customers say we provide a truly outstanding end-user experience. But don't take our word for it; see why Financial Express approached us to help them realise the true potential of their purchased hardware and sensors.

We guarantee to implement OmniWatch to alert you and your team to any critical changes in IT environmental and power monitoring that may impact the uptime of your business. It is our job to ensure you know of any changes before they grow into big problems.

Our 3-tier emergency contact procedure guarantees to contact you even if emails and SMS messages fail. Our 24/7 call centre will phone you and your staff to make sure your aware of any critical changes as they happen.

We make utilising your existing equipment and realising it’s potential easy for a set annual fee with no hidden charges for email, SMS messaging or call centre intervention.


  • On-Site review/existing monitoring
  • Consider additional monitoring
  • Floor Plans
  • OmniWatch Implementation
  • OmniWatch Training
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Quarterly review