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Many of our customers have building based surveillance systems. Some install separate IP based video cameras as a second tier video source. OmniWatch is designed to show thumbnails of each IP camera on its dashboard and has a regular image refresh throughout the day. By clicking on the thumbnail you can access the individual camera and use its own onboard live view functionality (only available while on the same LAN).

Whether surveillance is required in the room, along certain aisles, focused on specific kit or installed inside key cabinets we have valuable experience and advice together with the best prices for buying camera hardware.

The type of surveillance our customers use starts from the initial decision on whether they want to store images on-premise or cloud based.

Axis camera monitoring
SpookCam Video Surveillance

For customers that require independent cloud based video surveillance, OmniWatch has a link to our own cloud based Axis Video Hosted Solution (AVHS) called SpookCam.

SpookCam limits your investment to Axis cameras or encoders and an internet connection, instead of having to maintain the recording and monitoring station locally.

You can access your video securely via the cloud. A live view function lets you see activity as it happens via any internet enabled device. For customers who set-up alarm events; recordings can be viewed in an easy to use calendar or a simple list by date and time. A search mask can be applied if reviewing video is required during a specific time and date range.

All recordings are kept securely on our file servers and live-views are accessed via the cloud.

SpookCam Video Surveillance
Customise your setup

Cameras can be set up to trigger video capture via a number of different ways:

Motion detection

Start recording when movement is detected in a specific area.

Passive Infrared (PIR)

A range of Axis cameras have on-board PIR. For cameras without on-board PIR a separate PIR unit can be installed and connected to the camera.

Door Magnetic Switch

Switches can be set for door access or to IT cabinet doors housing sensitive IT equipment.

Pressure Pads

A range of pressure mats are available and when someone steps on the mat, it triggers the video recording.

Active infrared beam

Active infrared beams, sometimes called point-to-point beams, are a reliable and long-established method of intruder detection.

Scheduled events

A camera snapshot or video burst can be scheduled for each camera throughout the day.

As an Axis reseller we provide camera hardware and solutions tailor made by the worlds leading network camera video manufacturer.

Our customers benefit from monitoring their own server rooms/cabinets with cameras dedicated to their own IT/facilities team.

"We have used Spook to monitor the environment of our server rooms for a while. We had a requirement to add camera surveillance to our facilities and as Spook are AXIS resellers it made sense for us to consider their AXIS AVHS service SpookCam. We have added cameras simply by configuring the network credentials of each one. We have the peace of mind knowing any alerts are securely stored off-site and can easily be reviewed if needed."

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Axis camera monitoring
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