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First line of defence

Most discernible businesses know the importance of installing an emergency power system as an independent source of electrical power that supports important electrical systems on loss of normal power supply.

The installation of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) can be anything from a small black box protecting the power to a key server closet up to a mega-watt utility with the capacity to power big business.

APC UPS range

However, the majority are designed to be the 'belt and braces' between providing seamless power for a short period of time while IT systems can be managed and shut down or straddling the incoming power of a 'stand-by' power generator.

What most UPS systems have in common is that the investment is considerable. Many are network attached and will have their own network interface providing key metrics and usage data as well as broadcasting alerts when certain changes are triggered. For those systems that are not network attached, there is usually a facility to connect to a Voltage Free Connection (VFC) panel to monitor certain conditions.

A UPS will typically measure incoming and outgoing power at phase level in the form of amps being drawn/available. Other metrics include run time remaining, temperature, volts, kilowatts together with status flags for errors such as: on bypass, low battery and mains fault etc.

How relays work
OmniWatch On-Demand reports

A good example of the benefit of monitoring the power at UPS level with OmniWatch is our ability to present multiple UPS dashboards centrally and our easy to use on-demand report function. An offshore customer who has only one source of mains power supply where mains power provider is the only electricity utility company across the island had the foresight to install a series of UPS systems in each of their three separate IT locations.

Being offshore means they are susceptible to severe weather patterns and reliance on UPS systems as well as back-up generators is critical. In a recent storm, the mains power for the whole island was lost for a number of hours. Our customer could prove, by referring to OmniWatch on-demand reports, that their UPS systems kept power up in accordance with their plans while the generators invoked and provided back-up mains power until the utility company could re-establish power supply.

As illustrated above, there are key benefits to monitoring UPS systems on OmniWatch. Typical monitored conditions are:

UPS Errors
Run Time Remaining
Phase Load
Amps (in & out)
Volts (in & out)
apparent power
real power
battery temperature
The monitoring Conundrum

A common concern is that networked UPS systems rely on technology to contact you for any problems, but what happens if this fails. The same applies if your UPS uses VFCs to alert on changes to monitored conditions. We all know what it's like when email is down or when your mobile is out of battery or signal. We guarantee to contact you with our 3-tier emergency contact procedure; email, 2-way SMS and dedicated 24/7 call centre for all critical alarms.

It's our job to let you know of a problem before it escalates to a disaster. That's why our customers rest assured knowing we've got them covered 24/7.

"We have server rooms in various locations across our campus, each housing business-critical IT equipment. We decided to install Spook OmniWatch in these rooms, guaranteeing that we are alerted to any adverse environmental changes on a 24/7 basis. Spook are specialists in this area and we have developed an excellent working relationship with them. We decided to extend our use of OmniWatch by including Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) monitoring. This has resulted in us being able to view all key environmental and power conditions across all rooms via an easy to navigate graphical dashboard. As OmniWatch is browser based we can achieve this from any device that has Internet access."

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